As you all know, I am a major proponent for personal security. It’s a core principal of society and it’s what I’ve based my life’s work on. As a personal security professional, I am always adapting to the industry. With technology constantly disrupting almost every sector of every industry, you must always be on top of new trends, advancements and gadgets. And personal security is full of gadgets; one of my first blogs was on the Nimb personal security ring. Today I will be discussing the Shonin StreamCam, a new device that should be a welcome entry into your personal security gadget collection.


What is the StreamCam?

Shonin’s StreamCam is a small wearable camera that allows you to capture any situation and save it safely for future use. While there have been several other wearable cameras before, the StreamCam has a focus on security and simplicity.


How does it Work?

The camera, which comes in at 56mm high and long, clips onto your clothes, backpack, or any other type of garment and records video in 1080p resolution. The beauty of the StreamCam is that it connects to your smartphone and saves your videos immediately to cloud storage. If you’d prefer, you can even stream it live to several social media sites, like Facebook or Instagram. The main emphasis of the camera is to capture threats of security, such as riots, abuse of power or assault. And with the video securely stored on the cloud, the assailant cannot destroy the evidence. Simply snap on the StreamCam, tap it, and you’re ready to go.


Another great aspect of the StreamCam is that it can take the place of your smartphone’s camera, allowing you to conserve battery should you need to call authorities or for assistance. And if you do not want to tether your smartphone to your StreamCam (for fear of battery drainage) you can also purchase an LTE variant and insert an active SIM card.


The camera includes an 8GB SD card for storage and can be expanded, it is IP67 certified waterproof and offers a variety of additional accessories.  Unfortunately, it will not be available until February.


I am very excited for the potential of this camera. It could helps save countless lives. Considering the recent events that have unfolded throughout the world, it doesn’t hurt to have an extra set of eyes at all times.