Your personal security and safety are both incredibly important, not only to yourself, but to your friends and family as well. And today’s technologically advanced world is offering tremendous new ways to create a safer environment for everybody. Smartphones, or cell phones in general, have become incredibly useful devices in personal safety, allowing potential victims of crimes to alert authorities or loved ones with a simple phone call. And while this technology is incredibly effective, it could still be improved upon. Luckily, one tech startup looks to bring that improvement.

As previously mentioned, cell phones are incredible devices capable of allowing instant communication from virtually anywhere in the world. They also have proven to be a huge boon in personal safety. However, sometimes, they just cannot do the trick.

For example, imagine staying a bit later at work or school in order to finish up a project. When you finish, you walk to your car, house or apartment in the dead of night. Suddenly, you notice someone behind you, and you go to reach for your phone or even your pepper spray, but it’s too late. Situations like this occur far more commonly than we think.

In steps NIMB. NIMB, according to a report from Tech Crunch, is a personal security ring designed to decrease the number of attacks and missing persons cases across the world. Essentially, users wear the ring, and in case of an emergency, they press the recessed button on the bottom of the band. Pressing the button for three seconds sends out an alert to friends, family and local authorities. It can even send an alert to nearby random citizens. The ring connects to users’ smartphones through bluetooth, and works via the NIMB application. In the application, users can create a profile, including typical locations they can be found at, emergency contacts, and even personal interests.

The Tech Crunch article also mentions how the NIMB application is designed to be a communication platform between responders and potential victims. The application even offers a monthly paid service, connecting subscribers to monitoring stations that can essentially organize first responders to the user’s location.

Designed to be both functional and fashionable, hopefully the ring can truly breach the personal security market in a profound way, and decrease the amount of kidnappings, missing persons cases and attacks around the world.