Steven Andiloro

Steven Andiloro Professional Photo compressorSteven Andiloro’s 30+ years of experience in security have made him a proven leader in his field. As the owner of Professional Security Solutions, LLC, a security company that offers a bevy of security services for individuals and businesses, Steven is responsible for the management of a dedicated staff focused on providing ease of mind for any event or situation.


In his youth, Steven Andiloro became fascinated with personal security. He became interested in peacekeeping at the age of 17 years old, and followed his passion by working as a bouncer in New York City. It was then that he had realized his inherent skill in the security industry; he had a knack and passion for ensuring the safety of others at events and private functions. Steven excelled, and by the time he was 19, he was the head of security for three of New York City’s largest and most exclusive nightclubs, managing a staggering 60 security specialists.


Steven Andiloro then took this enthusiasm and utilized it to become a successful entrepreneur. His time managing nightclubs was over; he wanted to expand his horizons. And so, Steven, at the age of 19 years old, founded Professional Security Solutions, LLC in 1998. Almost 20 years later, Steven’s business has expanded exponentially, and he now manages over 120 security professionals.


Professional Security Solutions offers a diverse selection of services with some of the greatest security personnel in the country. Steven Andiloro and his carefully curated team of specialists, whom have either served or are currently serving in either the United States military or local law enforcement, are highly trained and equipped to deal with any and all situations. Steven and his team offer a bevy of professional services, like unarmed security protection, armed law enforcement protection and 24-hour security teams, and covers a wide variety of events and locales, including private parties, concerts, office buildings, apartment complexes; Professional Security Solutions even offers secure transportation.

Steven Andiloro knows the importance of crafting an elite squad and therefore ensures that he retains the very best talent on the market.

Some of the services offered by Professional Security Solutions are as follows:


PSS Unarmed Security Protection

This team is equipped with highly trained, unarmed security professionals who have the capability and innate sense to detect and prevent incidents before they occur and quickly respond to any incident in action. Our unarmed security protection performs a variety of tasks that are specifically designed to protect our clients, their property, and assets.


PSS Protection Supervisors

Our protection supervisors have the advanced training and leadership skills necessary for the job. These supervisors not only manage the PSS protection professionals in the field, they also serve as a main point of contact for our clients.


PSS Armed Law Enforcement Protection Professionals

In the event a client is faced with a high-profile or high-risk security situation,  Professional Security Solutions can staff these venues with armed law enforcement, former military and martial arts professionals who have the expert training necessary to mitigate these situations and provide high-level protection.


24 Hour Security Protection

The Professional Security Solutions team has the ability to serve around the clock services to ensure that our clients are protected at all hours of the day and night. Our team is on-call and is available at a moment’s notice to begin staffing a new site or increase the security at an existing site. Your security is our passion, and our team is ready to protect.

Steven Andiloro’s professionalism, dedication to his craft, and leadership skills have all been instrumental in making Professional Security Solutions not only the leading security services organization in North Carolina, but also one of the best security services organizations around the country.

Outside of work, Steven Andiloro practices and teaches mixed martial arts. Since he was 18 years old, Steven has been training in the inner workings of a variety of mixed martial arts, including aikido, jeet kune do and taekwondo. And for almost 30 years, Steven has been teaching his skills to the next generation of martial artists.