Steven Andiloro Workplace Cyber Security Risks to Be Aware of

Technology, as I’ve stated in the past, is great. It has allowed us to do more and achieve the unimaginable, but it has also made us incredibly vulnerable. And when we rely so heavily on technology, particularly in the workplace, we must be prepared for any and all situations. Here are a few common security risks to be aware of.


Personal Devices

The great thing about using a company device is that it, more often than not, will feature some form of antivirus protection. This, obviously, will protect you from most viruses or malware out there. Unfortunately, employees will occasionally bring in their own personal devices and in most cases these devices are unprotected or are using outdated or expired virus protection. If an employee brings in a device, you should certainly warn them of the risks involved.


Protected Wi-Fi

This brings me to my next point: wi-fi should be password protected. This ensures that no one outside of the office has access to your signal.


Outdated Protection

You may already have antivirus protection and assume that you have nothing to worry about. While this may be true, you must also remember that malware and virus attacks get more sophisticated every day. Ensure that the software you have installed is up-to-date. With all of the sensitive and important information that is shared through business networks, it can be a disaster if that information falls into the wrong hands.


Traditional Methods of Sharing

If the recent hacks on several high-profile companies have taught us anything, it’s that sensitive information should be on a secure network or not shared electronically at all. As previously mentioned, businesses and companies exchange copious amounts of personal and important information. If that information is breached, livelihoods are at risk. Sometimes sharing information on an electronic network is inevitable, but when possible, try to write any personal or sensitive information on paper. It cannot be hacked and therefore is the safest method of exchanging and tracking information.


Cyber security is a major nuisance in today’s world. As we become more connected, we become a larger target. Stay up-to-date and informed as much as possible to avoid becoming a victim of a cyber attack.