Steven Andiloro What is the Dark Web?

The 21st century has given way to dozens of fantastic inventions and technological advancements. One such advancement is the spread of the Internet. Although the Internet was created before 2000, it was not really a “household item” until after then. With this magnificent network of interconnected computers receiving and sending information, human beings were, and are still able to, accomplish many things. And while the Internet has allowed our society to advance exponentially, there are some out there who intend to use it for nefarious purposes. One of the worst possible aspects of the Internet has been given an ominous name: the Dark Web.


What Exactly is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is a portion of the Internet that is not indexed by search engines. This means that Google, Bing or Yahoo! (three of the world’s most popular search engines) will not display any information regarding websites found on the Dark Web.


How Does One Access the Dark Web?

In order to reach the Dark Web, your computer requires a specific type of software. Once installed, you can access the the Dark Web much like any other website: through a traditional web browser on a computer.


Why Should I Care About the Dark Web?

While it may sound innocuous at first, the Dark Web is a very bad place. On its own, technically speaking, the Dark Web is not a bad place, however, because of its nature, it is being used to complete some heinous crimes. Because the Dark Web requires special software to access and is not indexed on any search engine, it can be incredibly hard to trace anybody who operates through it. That is why the Dark Web is constantly being used by pedophiles, arms dealers and terrorists. Hackers also use the Dark Web to offer services or exchange money. With the Dark Web, multiple illegal crimes are being carried out without any legal ramifications to those responsible.


Fortunately, there has been much more media attention on the Dark Web and journalists have entered the Dark Web in an attempt to whistleblow and offer information to the authorities.


The Dark Web is a pretty bad place, and although it is not something that can be easily stumbled upon, it should still be taken down. But, with how large the Internet is, it is almost impossible. Regardless, this knowledge can at least leave you better informed on the situation.