I’ve mentioned before that we are in the midst of a digital revolution. The Internet is a requirement and technology is all around us. Because of this dependence on technology, we have placed all of our personal information in a medium that is not always as secure as it may seem. And it is incredibly important to protect that information, now more than ever. Recent startup Eero understands this.


Eero is a startup focused on wireless networking. Essentially, the company focuses on creating products that allow for the transference of wireless networks so that users can access the Internet. The startup has a large focus on speed and efficiency. The hardware that the startup offers is easy to setup and is designed to be added upon, allowing for convenient network boosting. And, according to an article from TechCrunch, Eero knows that in order to attain the speed and efficiency that its customers desire, they must have a safe and secure network.


The company recently announced their newest hardware products, the new Eero Base Station and the new Eero Beacon. The Base Station is the router and primary source for connectivity, while the Beacon acts as a network extender, allowing Wi-Fi connectivity to have a farther reach. But the true highlight of Eero’s announcement is the introduction of its new security service, Eero Plus. The new service blocks botnets and protects users from a variety of threats, like phishing or ransomware attacks. But it doesn’t end there; Eero Plus also allows users to have complete control over what content can be accessed on their network, and includes increased parental controls. The service offers all of these useful features for only $99 per year, or $9 per month.


Technology is part of our lives, period, and it isn’t going anywhere. I understand its importance and role in society, but technology can not be put before our personal security. Companies like Eero that offer such intense security features are certainly welcome additions to the tech world and can offer a bit of comfort to those worried about their information.


Hopefully Eero will find tremendous success in the market and become a necessity for secure networking.