The key is the most basic device used for security. Since the time of the Ancient Egyptians, locks and keys have been servicing humanity by providing a sense of security. And even though technology has helped increase the security of any household, the key is still the quintessential form of home security. And up until recently, the lock and key were impenetrable. However, the rapid advancement of technology has put keys and their security at risk.


In recent years, 3D printing has become incredibly popular. For those of you who have not heard of 3D printing, it is essentially the process of creating a fully three dimensional product from digitally produced designs. The three dimensional designs are plugged into computers, which are connected to 3D printers which then print the physical object. Depending on the size and complexity of the design, the entire process can take minutes, to hours, to weeks.


While this technology is not only fascinating and changing the way humans create and construct, it has also led to a variety of unwanted uses. In this particular case, the 3D printing of a key. Before the era 3D printing, keys could only be duplicated by thieves with access to a key making machine. Now, anybody with a 3D printer can easily duplicate a key and gain access to a victim’s house. And this has become something of a widespread issue.


Don’t panic just yet. There is a new device out there that aims to solve this problem: the Stealth Key. Created by Swiss company UrbanAlps, the Stealth Key is specifically designed so that it can not be copied by any means. The design behind it is rather simple: instead of using the traditional outward facing lock pattern, the millings are placed inside of the key’s stem. This way, even if a thief were to acquire the key, they could not duplicate it.
It is an ingenious solution to a potentially serious problem. If you are interested in purchasing a Stealth Key, UrbanAlps is currently testing out the key on what they call “pilot customers.” There is no date set for the key’s official release as of yet. You can sign up to become a pilot customer at