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It feels as though every week I am writing about technology and how it is improving our lives. With that being said, I am returning with yet another piece on technology for security. This time, I will be going over a few of the best, high-tech security gadgets that you can use to improve the security of your home.


LG’s Smart Security Wireless Camera

One of the world’s most popular electronics manufacturers has entered the realm of home security. The LG Smart Security Wireless Camera is an amazing way to monitor your household at an affordable price. Coming in at $199, the 5MP camera features a 130 degree lens and the ability to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi. With this connection, you can access the camera anytime, anywhere and get a live feed of your house. The camera is also compatible with the 24/7 ADT Canopy security service, where ADT will send authorities to your household should an alert arise.


Master Lock Bluetooth Padlock

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, the lock and key are ancient security methods, and are quickly becoming obsolete due to biometrics. However, Master Lock has found a way to keep up with the times. The Master Lock Bluetooth padlock is a blend of traditional padlock security with new-age Bluetooth technology. Instead of a key, this padlock requires a recognized bluetooth device, specifically a smartphone. All you have to do is place the smartphone near the lock, tap on the lock’s center button and you’re in. And if you do not have your phone on you, you can unlock the padlock with a simple directional code. And if you are not present to unlock the device, but need to anyways, you can unlock it remotely, via the Master Lock app.


Kwikset Premis

The Master Lock Bluetooth padlock is fine for locking sheds or cabinets, but what about your front door? Certainly you wouldn’t lock the front door of your house with a padlock, no matter how technologically advanced it is. The Kwikset Premis blends a top-notch, traditional deadbolt lock with the latest in technology. Not only does the lock feature an LED touchpad with a number combination, it also connects to your smartphone via bluetooth or Wi-Fi and can be controlled via your smartphone. And since it uses Apple’s HomeKit software, it can be controlled with Apple’s voice assistant Siri. This is certainly a must-have for tech lovers.