Nothing is more important than making sure you and your family feel safe when at home. There are many companies that want to provide that safety for everyone, however, it can come with high installation price. Luckily, almost every industry has become equipped with DIY (do it yourself) tools at more affordable prices. When taking a look at at a DIY home system, it is important to review which ones will satisfy your security needs. Here are three companies I believe, have done a spectacular job at giving consumers security they can set-up themselves.


Abode Starter Kit

This reasonably priced security system is great for unfamiliar or first-time users of technology systems. The kit includes; a hub to connect all your smart devices, a camera, a motion detector, 2 door/window sensors, and a key fob. The kit also has the capability to add live stream videos, water leak sensors, or garage door openers for additional fees. A review from Cnet says it best, sharing that the ability to start out simple and continue to include resources as you go is the best feature of this system. Another beneficial feature of the Abode is its capability to sync with Alexa in order to command security tasks by voice. With its endless options regarding self-monitoring and smart house capabilities, this structure is ideal for any size home.


Nest Cam

For those looking to simply keep an eye on their house, this small camera is a perfect choice. With an easy setup process, this device gives users the ability to monitor their pets, or even just check-in on their house whenever they please. Similar to the Abode, the Nest Cam offers some opportunities to branch into additional features. One reviewer gave a glance into the high-quality picture the camera provides, as well the extremely useful wide-angle lens. For those wanting to use Nest to observe pet activity, they will be pleasantly surprised when they can talk to their animals through the two-way sound exchange.


Kuna Toucan

For those more interested in the happenings outside of their home, the Kuna Toucan is the best model currently on the market. Adapting from the already existent Kouna Light Fixture that built the camera into the outdoor sconces, the Toucan provides users with moveable outdoor security vision. The device includes a wide-view lens, high definition image, as well as a loud decibel siren. With capabilities ranging from controlling light fixtures connected to the device, to live streaming abilities this outdoor security system is an extremely straightforward product with optimal results.
When it comes to home security it is important to find a company or device that best suits the need of the home in which it will be installed. The era of DIY has brought about many technologies that allow consumers to easily create a safe environment for themselves. I would definitely suggest checking out one of these security systems if you are interested in setting one up yourself.